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Clinical Quality Assurance/Compliance Chart & Documentation Review Services

Clinicians, group practices and other mental health agencies are tasked with many competing challenges in creating high quality clinical documentation.


Common reasons clinicians and mental health practices have requested our Clinical Documentation Review services: 

- Clinicians and managers are responsible for direct service delivery, documentation, billing, marketing, social media management among many other tasks and often don't have time to review their own personal or team historical or broad clinical documentation and practices. 

- Onboarding new staff with unknown or limited experience

- Supporting and training for licensure associates who are new to the field

- OAR and rule compliance/Reduction of potential for audits from Medicaid and private insurance resulting in paybacks

- Feedback and oversight for the need for high quality documentation and professional presentation for court subpoenas and integrated health sharing 

Service Packages 

*Individual Practitioners  & Group Practices with 5 or Fewer Clinicians

*Group Practices with 5 -10 Clinicians

*Group Practices/Agencies with 10 to 20 Clinicians

*Group Practices or Agencies with 15 or more Clinicians

Service packages are available based on number of clinical staff whose charts/documentation will be reviewed. All packages are inclusive of a full review beginning at 90 days prior to the contracted start date. Reviews are documented on a clear, easy- to- read report indicating the compliance measure, status of the requirement, relevant feedback, and dates of service   inclusive of treatment consents, assessments 

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If you are interested in discussing these services and/or customizing services more specifically to your needs please contact us at: 

e:                or                        p: 541-900-1506

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